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Jennifer Erickson Counseling

My Approach To Counseling

I believe that people are diverse and that requires diverse therapy. For this reason, I have specialized in and have become a master clinician in the area of Anxiety Due to a Medical Condition, ADHD Testing and Executive Function Counseling, and Health and Wellness Living, including Bariatric Pre-Surgical Testing. 

I am a solution-focused Health Psychologist. A solution focused approach is one that concentrates on finding solutions to help you reach your goals. This approach does require that you know what you need to improve your life, however, if you are not sure I can help you discover what you might need.


While length of therapy can vary for each person. My clients average between 10 - 12 session, depending on whether sessions are weekly or every other (or both). 


I can also administer some psychological tests to gain objective information about how your brain works or how you think. And finally, I can use biofeedback, exposure, and many other techniques to help move you in the direction you want to go. I am certified in Neuro-Cognitive Therapy for Anxiety. 

I use an eclectic approach to therapy, utilizing neuro-cognitive behavior therapy to help understand brain processes and patterns, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help create new skills, dialectical behavior informed therapy (DBT) which helps with interpersonal relationships and communication, and rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) to enhance emotion regulation. Additionally, I am a Gottman informed therapist for relationship discussions.

I am wellness and nutrition certified as well, so I can help you understand and focus on what a health and wellness approach to life looks like.


During therapy sessions, we will develop and work towards goals, as well as explore personal growth. Solution-focused therapy includes active and intentional time outside of therapy doing "home practice" where you are experimenting with new behaviors or techniques outside of sessions that reinforce change. I find that this style of therapy tends to work well for professionals at all levels. 

I am licensed in Virginia, Florida, and Utah.

  • What happens if I don't fill out more forms before my first session.
    All clients will get one reminder text, typically 2 days prior to your appointment. If your forms are not completed 24 hours prior to your appointment, the session will be automatically cancelled.
  • Is Jennifer available evenings or weekends?
    She is not. Because she starts sessions at 8am and covers Lunch appointments, she does not work past 4p or weekends. ** A typical full time therapist only has about 27 clinical appointments a week. The rest of their time is used completing notes, billing, payment processing, marketing, attending trainings, etc. All of the behind the scenes things that doctors offices hire staff for.
  • Does Jennifer bill for any other insurance?
    No. Insurance companies require a contract with the provider. It is too much work behind the scenes for an individual private practice therapist to get a contract with many different payors and keep all the different policies for each straight. For this reason, Jennifer is contracted with Anthem/Blue Cross, which is one of the largest providers in Virginia. Additionally, she does not bill as a "non-contracted" provider, because of the admin work behind the scenes. Again, it creates too much work for Jennifer as a sole practitioner.
  • Can Jennifer bill for Blue Cross in Florida or Utah
    Possibly. Jennifer can attempt to bill, but just like in Virginia, Jennifer cannot guarantee insurance reimbursement. Many blue crosses work in tandem, but there is no way to confirm until the insurance has been billed.
  • Does Jennifer support clients on topics outside of the 3 listed on website?
    Not directly. Jennifer has been a therapist for almost a full decade and started as a generalist like many therapists, but then followed the areas where she has a passion for helping people. Over the last 5 years, Jennifer has taken additional training and received certifications focused on Executive Function, ADHD, Integrative Medicine, and Health and Wellness Living. Due to these focus areas, Jennifer is strictly working with clients who have Anxiety and Panic Disorders, Adult ADHD, ADHD/Executive Function Counseling, Bariatric Pre-Surgical Testing and Weight Management Counseling/Health and Wellness Living.
  • Does Jennifer work with children?
    No, Jennifer does not work with anyone under 18 years old.
  • What if I have ADHD and "something else", can Jennifer help?
    Possibly. While Jennifer can help with counseling for executive function, ADHD testing, and even building self-confidence related to ADHD, Anxiety, or Health and Wellness issues. Jennifer is trained in many other specialties. However, Jennifer is not trained in Trauma/EMDR, Play Therapy, Sex Therapy, or Grief Compassion therapy.
  • Does Jennifer work with clients long term?
    Not often. Jennifer tries to end the therapeutic relationship after about a year, especially if you are coming weekly or bi-weekly. The reason is, at this point, you have had either 52 or 26 sessions (or somewhere in the middle) and Jennifer has most likely shared much of her knowledge. Jennifer has a belief that cognitive/behavioral therapy should be something you participate in to learn skills, gain understanding, and develop yourself, and then move on and practice everything you have learned. If you find that after a year you would still like regular therapy Jennifer can help you find a therapist who has a focus area that matches your need.
  • Does Jennifer see clients quarterly?
    No. At a minimum, Jennifer meets with clients monthly. Typically these clients are practicing new skills, building self-confidence, and engaging more in their life after their initial therapy is over. Again, after about 6 - 12 months in this phase, Jennifer will begin to discuss discharge.
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